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Welcome to Milian Acoustics!
The Milian Acoustics Philosophy
Home of the world's finest Custom Audio Cable Assemblies & the SoundStage line of Professional Noise Isolation Headphones!
    In the constant and ever evolving pursuit of perfection in the field of electro-acoustics, Milian Acoustics has continuously reached new heights of performance with its personal acoustic & audio products. Now in its fourth year of cultivation, Our line of SoundStage Isolation Headphones represents the commitment of several thousands of hours and dollars into Research & Development. The Primary Mission of Milian Acoustics is, and will always be, to stay on the frontier of electro-acoustic design and functionality--continuously bringing products to the consumer that surpass the performance of both its predecessors and its competitors. To achieve our Mission, we are 100% committed to reinvestment of all profits back into the company and the development of new technologies.

    As a customer of Milian Acoustics, we assure you that the products you are receiving are of optimal design and craftsmanship; made to serve your needs better than any other manufacturer in the market. Our dedication to Quality Assurance, our no questions asked 30 day return policy, and our full service warranties stand proudly behind each product we make. Purchase with confidence and enjoy the products and services offered here at Milian Acoustics!
Milian Acoustics SoundStage SVT Isolation Headphones
Milian Acoustics SoundStage SV Isolation Headphones
Milian Acoustics SoundStage ST Isolation Headphones
Featuring the SoundStage series of noise reduction headphones
Milian Acoustics Hearing Enhancement Safety Package
Behold the power of true acoustic manipulation!
Now with Hearing Enhancement! Reduce or Amplify Sound Levels by 40 decibels! Free with every model of Milian Acoustics SoundStage Headphones! *Ipod not Included*
Why would you need a pair of true Professional Noise Isolation headphones? Consider for a moment how noisy our lives really are. From household noises like the vacuum cleaner, the not-so-polite roommate, your rather boisterous but lovely children; to the outdoor noises that we all cope with like lawn mowers, chainsaws, snow blowers, weed eaters and trimmers. Whether you are a parent, child, teacher, student, professional, frequent flyer, or meticulous audiophile - sometimes isolating yourself from the tumultuous world we live in is the only way to revive and restore the mind and soul. Don't let the Noise Canceling Headphone companies fool you, when it comes to suppressing noise, noise cancellation does not compare to true acoustic isolation headphones. Let the SoundStage Isolation Series From Milian Acoustics be your egress to sound salvation!
Milian Acoustics Custom Headphones Extension Cable Premium Custom Audio Cable Solutions
from Milian Acoustics

Build your own:
  • Interconnects
  • Balanced & Unbalanced Cable Sets
  • Snake Cables
  • Y Leads & Send/Return Cables
  • and much more!
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You design everything:
  • The length
  • Color
  • Terminations
  • Sleeving
Professionals & Audiophiles: Looking for affordable, yet stylish and serene sounding cables & interconnects? Build your own in the Milian Acoustics Cable Builders!

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Milian Acoustics is proud to have served Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide!

We are more than happy to fulfill your Electro-Acoustic Isolation Needs!

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