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-   A World Full of Noise   -

What Can SoundStage Headphones Do For You?

- A Drummer's Defense - SoundStage headphones were originally created by a drummer--for drummers. The 30 decibels of Noise Reduction is ideal for protecting your beloved hearing, and the 40mm Neodymium Drivers opens up a world of possibilities for the drummer. SoundStage headphones will even clean up the acoustics of the room you are in before it enters your ear canal. Any room that is short of a professional studio is going to have stray sound waves bouncing off of the walls, creating an irregular interference that distorts your ear's interpretation of the percussion. With a pair of SoundStage Headphones, the stray sound waves are too weak to penetrate the ear cabin, and thus enables you to hear the drums the way they are meant to sound - just 30 decibels quieter! Below is a list of ways to use SoundStage headphones in union with your drum setup:

- Amplified Instruments go Internal - Any musician knows that sometimes its just not possible to crank up the amp and let it rip. For times like these, its essential to have have a quality pair of headphones that allows you to listen through your amp without waking up the neighbors. Unfortunately, open headphones and even most closed headphones will leak some of the sound out, which can disturb people in the near vicinity. SoundStage headphones not only isolate outside sound from your ears--they also isolate all audio from the outside. This means you can be in the congressional library jamming out as hard as you can, and nobody will even turn their heads--at least until they see you! SoundStage headphones work great on all amplifiers that have 1/4" jacks. Guitarists, Bass Guitarists and Electronic Drummers alike can all benefit from the Isolation SoundStage headphones provide. If you have an amplifier with a different termination (XLR, RCA, etc.), contact to have a custom pair made for you. We can make anything you have the creativity to imagine!

- Sound Engineer's Serenity - The ever-present difficulty of monitoring the mixing board at live venues is now an issue of the past! Now, the grueling hours you put into perfecting your stage will be made that much easier with the union of superior isolation and precise sound reproduction of the SVT. If you are a professional in need of the best headphones for your mixing board, the SoundStage SVT will help you shower the crowd with flawless acoustics.

- Seamless Studio Recording - The need for 100% Neutral clarity in a fully closed circumaural Audiophile-grade Isolation headphone is finally met with the SoundStage SVT. Many closed studio recording recording headphones claim proper isolation, but unlike the others the SoundStage SVT has a full 30 decibels of noise reduction to help you truly hear only the studio mix being made. The Oxygen Free Copper Cable and Voice Coils ensure that you are hearing exactly what will be heard when you hear your completed work outside the studio.

- Traveller's Tranquility - Despite the wide use of Active Noise Canceling headphones on airplanes. There is only one way to truly block out a majority of the noise of airplanes - true Passive isolation. Think about it, you don't see the pilots wearing a pair of IEM's or supra-aural headphones. They need the real power of true isolation in their headsets, and so do you if you truly want to be free of the headache-inducing roar of the plane as well as that crying baby in the seat behind you! Designed primarily for the lightweight-minded traveler, the ST can come with you wherever you go and still provide the true Isolation you need.

- Sport, Stadium, and other Spectacles - Ever try to listen to your favorite announcers at the game? It can be a harrowing experience trying to hear over the raucous crowd. Let SoundStage headphones help you catch every word while you watch your favorite team in action. You can also use them at the theater with the Hearing Enhancement Safety Package to help you catch every last word of the quietest dialogues.

- Nullify the Noise of NASCAR - The experience of a great day at the Race Track is like no other. But if you aren't careful, the long exposure to loud noise can result in severe hearing damage. As you can observe with all pit crew members, effective Isolation is Vital to your safety as well as the enjoying the experience of the race. And now, your Race day can be even further enhanced with SoundStage headphones! Use with a scanner, and you can listen to your favorite driver while you watch - without having to turn the volume up!

- Meditation Enhancement - Many users of SoundStage headphones have found that they are able reach their meditative state much more easily using SoundStage headphones when in noisy environments not conducive to meditation. The isolation greatly reduces any chance of distraction, and many users enjoy listening to meditation music as well. Highly recommended for mediation while traveling as well!

- Studying in a Silent SoundStage - Unfortunately, we can�t always make it to a library to study. Many of us have experienced the dreadful feeling of a test that must be studied for, only to have to deal with loud dorm mates and other loud distractions. And perhaps most importantly, many parents are looking for a way to get their children to stay focused while they study. Before you take them to the doctor, consider the option of getting them the tools they need to eliminate distractions. Use with instructional CD�s and DVD�s can significantly increase absorption and the efficiency of you or your child�s study time.

- More Definitive Metal Detectors - Attention Treasure Seekers, You have found the ultimate Metal Detector Accessory! Obtain all the Isolation you need from the surrounding area so you can focus on the signal from your detector. Find Targets up to 30% Deeper and extend the battery life of your metal detector up to 30% longer! The versatile SoundStage headphones are not only effective at helping you pinpoint your treasure, but can also be used after the hunt for listening to music in perfect harmony. Comes with Stereo 1/4" adapter for most makes & models, but we also offer a mono 1/4" adapter for other Brands upon request.

- Lawn Care Leisure - Anybody with a lawn knows that it can get pretty boring going back and forth over and over with only your thoughts to entertain yourself. Furthermore, the average lawn mower makes 80-90 decibels of noise--Prolonged exposure to this type of noise can easily damage your hearing. Now there is finally a solution to both your safety and your boredom in one great headphone package! With a pair of SoundStage headphones combined with the Hearing Enhancement Safety Package you can listen to your favorite tunes on your iPod, protect your ears with up to 30 decibels of noise reduction, and use the Hearing Enhancement Microphone when you need to be able to hear voices or commands. It's a combination that both professional landscapers and homeowners alike need when its time to turn the yard into a work of art!

- SoundStage Safety Solutions - Use of the SoundStage headphone with the Hearing Enhancement Safety Package is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of working in construction, contracting, and many other industrial applications where noise must be reduced but communication is still needed. The industrial grade isolation provides optimal hearing protection and still easily hear commands. SoundStage headphones can also be connected to most intercom systems and beltpacks. XLR and other terminations are available upon request for the SVT model.

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