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Milian Acoustics SoundStage SVT Isolation Headphones Milian Acoustics SoundStage SV Isolation Headphones Milian Acoustics SoundStage ST Isolation Headphones

Milian Acoustics is proud to introduce its own line of Personal Acoustic Products! Our SoundStage Isolation Headphones provide premium noise reduction and professional sound reproduction ideal for a wide variety of applications. The Pro Noise Blocking design creates an ultra quiet isolating chamber, allowing the user to hear their choice of audio with comfort and ease. The Passive Noise Cancellation provided by the SoundStage SV, ST, and the audiophile grade SVT, vastly outperforms conventional active noise canceling headphones by an average of 12 decibels. Ideal for the Musician in the Recording Studio, Drummers and Drum Instruction, Mixing Board & Studio Monitor Technicians, Airplane Travel, Live Events, NASCAR, Meditation, Metal Detection, and Many Other Uses!

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